Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What prevention programs will be funded with marijuana revenue?

How will marijuana revenue earmarked to fund youth substance abuse prevention be spent?  This was the topic of a community forum hosted by the Washington Division of Behavioral Health & Recovery (DBHR) in Seattle last week.

First of all, revenue from marijuana taxes will go to fund the Liquor Control Board to run the marijuana system; the Healthy Youth Survey; cost-benefit analysis of the legal marijuana system and its impacts on our state; and web-based public education.

After these items are funded, a variety of other things will be funded, including youth substance abuse prevention.

Prevention funding will go to already established coalitions funded by DBHR; to Native American tribes that receive prevention funding; and to establish new coalitions in communities at high risk for youth marijuana use.

In Seattle, two established coalitions receive funding from DBHR -- one in the Garfield High School community and one in the Aki Kurose Middle School community.

As the plan stands right now, no money will be allocated for school-based prevention-intervention counselors or prevention programs unless a DBHR-funded coalition exists in the school's community.

The full presentation may be viewed by clicking here and the handouts may be viewed by clicking here.

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