Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Online alcohol advertising impacts underage drinking

From the Prevention Hub:

This recent review of latest research highlights the huge immediate and longer term impact of online alcohol marketing on young people. It can result in drinking larger quantities, drinking at an earlier age, drinking more frequently and binge drinking. One study found that the effect of online alcohol advertising was almost twice as strong as that of traditional marketing. Two others highlight the informal influence of social media where young people see intoxicated friends and where drinking is perceived as the norm. Furthermore, such marketing and informal influences are largely unregulated or only self-regulated by the alcohol and advertising industries. We have covered many other studies emphasizing these problems and the particular vulnerability of young people.

Here in Seattle, Dr. Megan Moreno and the Social Media and Adolescent Health Research Team conduct research about the impact of social media on college student's substance use.  

The Center for Alcohol Marketing and Youth also provides information about the effects of online alcohol advertising on adolescents.

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