Thursday, January 30, 2014

Central Seattle survey shows shift in student attitudes toward pot, alcohol

KOMO recently reported on findings from a survey conducted by the Central Seattle Drug Free Communities Coalition about student's changing attitudes about marijuana.  Communities throughout Seattle and the state are reporting similar changes in student attitudes.

Friday, January 24, 2014

A teaching moment for parents

Justin Bieber's DUI arrest was the topic of discussion over at the Seattle Mama Doc blog yesterday.

Justin Bieber was arrested early this morning in Florida for a DUI. The smirk on his face is a bit misplaced. While it’s no longer a surprise when we hear about a celebrity’s challenge with drugs and alcohol, Bieber serves up a perfect moment for education. I mean this kid (he’s 19 years old) really could have killed himself last night. Thank goodness he’s only in jail. You got Bieber Fever in your house? Now’s the moment to step in. The number one thing parents must remember is that data and research consistently show that a parent’s opinion and guidance on avoiding alcohol remains the most powerful influence over a teen’s decision to drink alcohol underage.

Check out this powerful infographic on girls and alcohol. One in five high school girls binge-drink. 1 in 5!

Alcohol-related injuries kill over 5,000 teens every year. Bieber’s decision-making presents a huge opportunity to protect our own children. I’m reposting this data because we just can’t forget how powerful we are, as parents, when protecting our children as they grow. Our job today is simply to remember our super power–that we have influence. Don’t brush this story off as “Bieber’s a mess and an outlier.” Lamborghini or not, every teen is at risk for making this kind of choice.

Read the entire post here.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More about marijuana legalization and teens

Earlier today, Dr. Leslie Walker from Seattle Children's Division of Adolescent Medicine appeared on New Day Northwest and discussed marijuana legalization and youth. 


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Movie Night to feature short documentaries by local teens

Adolescent Medicine Movie Night
Thursday, January 23, 2013 6:00pm – 8:30pm 
Seattle Children’s Hospital, Wright Auditorium
This Adolescent Medicine Movie Night will feature two local documentaries focusing on teen substance abuse.

A Clean UA is a documentary short by the Southeast Asian Young Men's Group. The film follows Peter Phan, a 17-year-old Vietnamese American, as he decides to quit marijuana. Using a hand held camera, Peter journals the difficulties and challenges of his path to recovery while exploring the benefits of being sober.
Peter begins his film just after he's suspended from school for smoking marijuana during lunch break. He's determined to quit marijuana "cold turkey," but he's not expecting the difficulties that arise from quitting: pressure from friends, loneliness, and symptoms of withdrawal. Peter filmed his documentary over a six-month period, and with his film, he aims to promote more open dialogue about this issue with his peers and other youth in his community.
Recovery is a documentary about three suburban adolescent drug addicts, Frank, Cami, and Ryan. Specifically, it dives deep into the intimate and romanticized mindset of each individual as they share their personal accounts of growing up, using, living life as an addict, quitting, facing the pain of withdrawals, progression, and finally, sobriety. 

After the films …Join in the Discussion with Lisa Chinn, LMHC, CDP, youth featured in the films, and members of Adolescent Medicine Division.

Food and drinks will be provided!  Please RSVP by January 16th