Tuesday, October 8, 2013

City Council passes marijuana business zoning ordinance

Yesterday, the Seattle City Council passed a zoning and land use ordinance regarding where marijuana businesses may be located in Seattle.  Marijuana businesses only will be allowed in large commercial and industrial zones.  Historic districts and areas around the stadiums are out of bounds.  The size of marijuana businesses located in areas heavy with port-related businesses will be limited.

In addition to this ordinance, marijuana businesses must abide by restrictions to be put in place by the Liquor Control Board.  Marijuana businesses will not be allowed 1,000 feet from schools, playgrounds, libraries, and other places where minors congregate.

The Seattle ordinance also states that ALL marijuana businesses -- it does not distinguish between recreational and medical marijuana businesses -- must be licensed by the state by January 2015.  Unless the state legislature establishes a licensing program for medical marijuana businesses, this means that Seattle medical marijuana businesses will need to obtain licenses from the Liquor Control Board.  As of right now, the Liquor Control Board plans to license 21 marijuana retailers in Seattle.

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