Wednesday, October 9, 2013

City Council expresses concern about potential clustering of marijuana stores

Earlier this week, the Seattle City Council sent a letter to the Liquor Control Board about restrictions included in I-502 that they fear will result in "limited areas of Seattle being available for retail sales."  The letter was sent on the same day that the Council passed an ordinance that even further restricts where marijuana businesses may be located in Seattle.

The letter says that " . . . the proposed rules for marijuana retail licenses states that should the number of eligible applications exceed the allotted amount of retail locations in a city (21 in Seattle), licenses will be granted by lottery."

"Should there be more than 21 eligible retail applications in Seattle, and the licenses are granted by lottery, this could potentially result in clustering of retail sales in a few areas, and other eligible areas having no retail locations."

"Should a lottery result in a lack of geographic dispersion of retail locations within Seattle, this could make fulfilling the goals of I-502 more difficult."

In northeast Seattle, marijuana businesses most likely will be located near Northgate Mall where I-5 and Northgate Way intersect and in different areas along Lake City Way NE.

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