Thursday, October 3, 2013

City Council requests regulation of medical marijuana market

On Monday, the Seattle City Council sent a letter to Governor Inslee, Senator Kohl-Welles, and Representative Goodman regarding "cannabis regulation and successful implementation of Initiative 502".  Here are a few excepts:

"Regulations for cannabis for general adult use will soon be in place through the implementation of Initiative 502, but the production and distribution of medical cannabis continues to operate in, at best, a gray market.  Medical cannabis dispensaries have proliferated across Seattle.  While many of their clients live with conditions ameliorated by medical cannabis, the vast majority do not and would be better served through the access made possible by Initiative 502.  If relatively easy access to medical cannabis continues, the goals and potential of Initiative 502 will be undermined."  

"We believe it is in the best interests of Seattle and the state to coordinate and improve regulation of the entire cannabis market, medical and recreational.  This could mean combining the general adult cannabis market and the medical cannabis market into a single, regulated system." 

". . . We also ask that you ensure there are sufficient resources available for local law enforcement to curtail activities outside the regulatory environment."  

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