Monday, October 25, 2010

Teens: how to get drunk and stay drunk

It wasn't the so-called date rape drug slipped into a drink that sent nine college freshman to the hospital. It was an "alcohol energy drink" that did the damage. Our state attorney general Rob McKenna immediately notified the Food and Drug Administration (letter) as a follow up to his office's request a year ago asking the FDA to investigate these drinks.

A quick search on the brand that the teenagers drank at the party tells a story of frequent abuse, little recognition of the dangers of mixing a depressant (alcohol) with a stimulant (caffeine) and the blatant marketing to teenagers.

FDA action so far-- warnings to manufacturers-- resulted in Anhaeuser-Busch ending production of their alcopop. We'll keep watching what happens with this latest news.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We did it!

Prevention Works in Seattle (WINS), the community coalition serving northeast Seattle, was awarded a 2010 Drug Free Communities grant! This five year award will enable us to continue our community-based youth substance abuse prevention work.

From 2006 - 2010, the coalition's grantee was Seattle Public Schools. The DFC grant was written in collaboration with Seattle Children's Hospital which will now act as the coalition's grantee.

Thanks goes out to all who have built the coalition over the past few years and who contributed to our successful grant proposal.