Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Online Resources

Are there drug/alcohol prevention listserves and e-newsletters that you find helpful? Here are the ones I belong to that I find most useful:

Parenting Tips from the www.theantidrug.com. The latest one is about using technology to strengthen family ties. A previous one focused on helping teens deal with stress. It's easy to register . . . just go to the website and enter your email address where it says, "GET the PARENTING TIPS NEWSLETTER".

I get daily updates from Join Together that include summaries of recent research, policy issues, and news stories. Go to www.jointogether.org and enter your email address where it says, "Stay Informed".

CADCA offers regular updates about what coalitions around the nation are doing and new resources available. Visit www.cadca.org and sign up for "Coalitions Online" -- at the bottom left side of the home page.

In the comments section, please add online resources you find helpful!

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