Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Coalition meets March 8

Prevention WINS General Coalition Meeting 
Tuesday, March 8, 2016 
Roosevelt High School – 15th Ave NE & 66th Street - Room #108 
Sign in at the main office


  1. Welcome and review of agenda

  1. Introductions

  1. Roosevelt High School snapshot

  1. Roosevelt High School Health Advisory Council student presentation

  1. View from Sweden – Patrick Widell, Detective Superintendent
  2. Presentation: Impacts of Legal Marijuana on Our Public Health-What we know now
  3. Washington Poison Center - Train the Trainers update

  1. DFC business
    1. Action Plan Year 6 Committees and Workgroups update
    2. YMPEP update
    3. DFCMe semi-annual reporting
    4. Washington Department of Health Marijuana update – May 3rd
    5. Budget update

  1. Community Education Committee report

  1.  CBS affiliate KSTW Community Partnership with Prevention WINS   
  1.  Sharing & Announcement: Prevention WINS & Children’s Preventing Teen Drug Use parent panel – March 24, 2016

Prevention WINS meeting are open to all who are interested in preventing teen drug use!

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