Friday, March 11, 2016

Baked goods & desserts top the list of approved marijuana-infused products in WA

Of the marijuana-infused products approved by the Liquor and Cannabis Board, who are to reject products that are especially appealing to children, baked goods and desserts make up most (68%) of the market according to the recently released Washington State Marijuana Impact Report.

Baked goods include cookies, brownies, scones, biscotti, muffins, and bread. Desserts include chocolate, caramels, truffles, brittle, fudge, and mints. The February edition of the Marijuana News Bulletin included a picture of a baked good called UHi?

Other marijuana-infused products listed include sugar packets, milk chocolate malted balls, and root beer hard candy.

Meanwhile, the Washington State Poison Center reports an increase in marijuana-related calls to their helpline. The Center takes calls from throughout the state that range from accidental exposures/ingestions to potential overdoses involving an array of substances. Among those substances is marijuana and among people exposed to marijuana, 45% were youth in 2014.

Since 2012, Poison Center calls related to marijuana-infused products have significantly increased.

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