Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Parents connecting with parents important for preventing teen drug use

Most people know that teaching parents how to guide their children so that they make healthy decisions is part of a multi-pronged strategy for preventing adolescent drug use.  But what does that mean?  What can parents actually do?

One thing that parents can do is connect with other parents.  Making connections with the parents of your child's friends opens up opportunities to discuss views on teen drug use.  Many parents are surprised to find out that the vast majority of parents think that teen drug use is unacceptable, even in high school.  In fact, when Prevention WINS conducts surveys among NE Seattle parents, more than 90% agree that teenagers should not use drugs, including alcohol.

Connecting with other parents also makes it easier to monitor your child.  It makes it easier to call another parent to make sure your child is at a friend's house and that there are no drugs, including alcohol, available.

In the video below, Dr. Leslie R. Walker from Seattle Children's Hospital talks about why connecting with other parents is important.


The beginning of a school year provides many opportunities for parents to connect with one another.  Curriculum nights, PTSA-sponsored socials, and sporting events are just a few opportunities during which parents can easily connect with others.  

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