Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Marijuana paraphernalia and foods confiscated in public schools last year

For the first time ever, last school year Seattle Public Schools filled the safe in which they keep drug-related items confiscated from students.  And they filled one new cabinet.

As of mid-May 2014, Seattle Public Schools data show that 758 drug/alcohol violations were reported.  Violations increased between mid-May and the end of the school year, especially around prom and graduation.  (Data for the entire 2013-14 school year is not yet available.)  Among the violations, 107 were alcohol offenses and 651 were drug offenses -- 98% of which involved marijuana, mostly alone but some in combination with other drugs.  Violations took place at all three levels: 3 were in elementary school, 204 were in middle school, and 551 were in high school.

Another first: last school year was the first time that vaporizing devices for nicotine and/or THC were confiscated.  Edible marijuana products that were bought, not baked at home, also were confiscated.  Marijuana-infused items included lollipops and candy bars likely produced for the medical marijuana market.  Some students who ate marijuana-infused foods overdosed on them while at school.  

Below are some of the "vape pens" and edibles confiscated.

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