Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What parents can do to prevent drunk driving now and in the future

A story appearing on KOMO News today starts by saying:

One year ago Tuesday marks a tragic anniversary for a Seattle family.

It's the day their lives changed forever at the hands of a drunk driver. The Seattle father who lost part of his family and now wants to do everything to protect yours.

"I hope our story will remind people how bad it can be, help people change their minds," said Dan Schulte.

If Mark Mullan had changed his mind, and chosen not to drive drunk one year ago, Schulte's parents would be alive.

This tragedy happened in our community and it could have been prevented.  Preventing underage drinking is one way to prevent not only teenagers from driving under the influence but can prevent adult alcohol abuse which sometimes leads to drunk driving.  

Parents play an important role in preventing teen drug, including alcohol, use.  Teenagers look to their parents for guidance, even when parents no longer think they do.  Learn more from Dr. Leslie Walker, Chief of Adolescent Medicine at Seattle Children's Hospital:

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