Thursday, July 18, 2013

Seattle Councilmembers talk about marijuana

Earlier this week, marijuana policy was one of the topics discussed during the Seattle Channel's City Inside/Out: Council Edition.

When asked about the possible proliferation of marijuana in our City, Councilmember Burgess said that it is a priority to "protect young people" as a new marijuana marketplace is established.  He pointed out that the City Council is focusing on marijuana land use issues.  He also stated that there should not be three systems in place -- recreational, medical, and illicit.  It is expected that that the State legislature will reconcile the recreational and medical systems during the next session.

When Councilmember Bagshaw was asked about City Attorney Holmes' letter to the Liquor Control Board that communicated the intention of making Seattle a magnet for marijuana tourism, she did not address the issue.

When asked about the possibility of "green light districts" in the City, where marijuana shops might be concentrated, Councilmember Godden said that they want to make sure that marijuana farming does not interfere with the Port of Seattle.  She said marijuana shops should not be established near places frequented by children, such as schools and playgrounds.

The questions about marijuana start at around 17:40.

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