Thursday, December 11, 2008

Parents who let kids drink? It’s a bad idea

Earlier this week, the Tacoma News Tribune published an article about parents who provided alcohol to their minor children and were arrested. As these parents are finding out, there are serious legal consequences for providing kids with alcohol.

While many parents seem to think that other parents think it is okay to give teenagers alcohol, it's simply not true. The NE Seattle Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking completed a parent survey in our community last spring. It turns out that 90% of the parents surveyed said that it is NOT OKAY for teenagers to drink at parties even if they don't get drunk. In addition, 90% of parents stated that it is NOT OKAY for parents to give alcohol to teenagers who are not their own children.

So, as parents, let's stop providing our children with alcohol. The vast majority of parents will support you if you provide healthy alternatives to alcohol and you won't be putting yourself at odds with the law.

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