Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why talking with children early about drugs is important

Over at the Teenology 101 blog, Dr. Yolanda Evans posted information about teens at risk for driving under the influence (DUI) or riding with a drinking driver (RWDD). Here are a few excerpts:

When teens were in middle school, more positive beliefs about marijuana and a stronger belief in their personal ability to resist marijuana use were associated with an increased risk of DUI/RWDD. 

When surveyed in late middle school, adolescents who drank alcohol only, who perceived their friends were drinking, or those who spent more time with teens who were using marijuana all had higher risk of DUI/RWDD 2 years later. 

How can parents translate these findings?
  • Early encounters with substance use can increase their risk years later of DUI/RWDD for tweens and teens in middle school. Parents should start discussions early about drugs and alcohol.
  • Set the expectation that alcohol and drug use (including marijuana) is not acceptable.  
Read all of this Teenology 101 post here.

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