Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Marijuana shop opens next to church with three youth groups

Seattle's second recreational marijuana store opened last week and on Sunday members of the church next door started to protest its location.

The store opened at the corner of 23rd and Union and the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog (CHS) noted that they previously identified the likelihood of 23rd and Union becoming a fertile ground for Seattle pot ventures as one of the few areas that would qualify for a license under state rules and city zoning.”

“But Seattle City Council member Bruce Harrell tells CHS he is beginning a review of how the shop was allowed to open at the intersection in such close proximity to the church. Harrell said there is nothing yet on the City Council’s calendar but that he is beginning the process this week.” 

Under state law, a marijuana business cannot be located within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, libraries, community centers, and other places where children congregate.  The rule does not apply to churches.  That is concerning to church members since three youth groups meet next door to the store according to the church’s pastor.

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