Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Prevention WINS to address decreasing perceptions of risk

Over the past few months, the Prevention WINS coalition has been conducting a community assessment so that we may address new risk factors contributing to teen drug use in NE Seattle.

The coalition started by analyzing WA Healthy Youth Survey data to determine why alcohol and marijuana use rates and prescription drug abuse rates are increasing in our community.  Among several risk factors identified, coalition members chose to focus on the decreasing perception of harm/risk associated with drug use.  Perceptions of risk are well-documented indicators of teen drug use.

During last month's meeting, coalition members identified factors that may be contributing to these decreasing perceptions of risk.  The drafted logic model below outlines factors coalition members identified.  One of the next steps is to collect data to confirm that these factors are indeed affecting risk perceptions among NE Seattle teens.  

Coalition members formed a workgroup that will meet later this month to take a closer look at perceptions of risk, identify ways to collect local data, and begin to identify prevention activities to address the perceptions.  For more information about the meeting, contact the Prevention WINS coordinator.

When the logic model is complete, it will accompany a comprehensive plan for preventing teen drug use in NE Seattle,  In addition to coalition prevention activities, the plan will outline activities others in NE Seattle may conduct to address additional risk factors.  Other NE Seattle risk factors include increased access to alcohol and marijuana and perceptions among teens that they won't be caught by police if using alcohol and marijuana.  

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