Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Notes from the Liquor Control Board work session on marijuana rules

WSLCB received negative
comments about this proposed
marijuana logo.
The Liquor Control Board held a work session last week to discuss public comments about the initial draft rules for a legal marijuana marketplace in our state.

At the beginning of the meeting, LCB members noted that after the draft rules are released on July 3 they will host four public forums for comments and that rules established this year are not "final and forever".  Just like liquor rules, it is expected that marijuana rules will change over time. 

Both LCB members and staff stated that it is important for people to read I-502 and proposed rules.  Some comments seem to have been made by individuals/organizations unfamiliar with the initiative and the initial draft rules.

Karen McCall, Rules Coordinator, provided the LCB with a summary of the more than 800 comments they received. 

From local jurisdictions (22 comments)

  • Revise some definitions;
  • Limit hours of sale;
  • Businesses must meet all local jurisdiction requirements and laws;
  • Advise them of the number of licenses that the LCB will be allowing in their jurisdictions;
  • Ban drive-thru stores, Internet sales, and home deliveries;
  • Ban products that appeal to youth;
  • Mandate child-proof packaging;
  • Allow jurisdictions to opt out of allowing marijuana businesses (law change needed);
  • Ban marijuana advertising.

The Seattle City Attorney requested that the LCB allow private marijuana clubs for tourists and to allow for home delivery of marijuana.

From substance abuse prevention advocates

  • Revise some definitions;
  • Locate stores similar to where liquor stores were located prior to I-1183;
  • Ban all advertising;
  • If advertising allowed, ban ads attractive to youth;
  • Ban home deliveries and Internet sales; 
  • Include hotline information on packaging;
  • Ban products that appeal to youth;
  • Cap grow sizes;
  • To buy marijuana people should have a WA identification;
  • Mandate a Responsible Vendor Program.

From stakeholders

  • Allow outdoor grows;
  • Allow extracts (law change needed);
  • Security requirements are excessive;
  • Home grows should be allowed if they were established before I-502;
  • Packaging requirements are excessive;
  • Residency rules are too stringent;
  • Controlling THC levels is unreasonable;
  • Producer licenses should be issued to current farmers first;
  • Third party transportation of marijuana should be allowed; 
  • Allow Internet sales;
  • Keep grow operations small.

Listen to the entire work session through the Liquor Control Board's YouTube channel.

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