Thursday, March 28, 2013

Most teens who drink get alcohol socially

Last week, I posted 2012 Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) information about youth substance use rates in NE Seattle.  Among NE Seattle students who use drugs/alcohol, HYS results continue to show that alcohol is their drug of choice.

HYS results also continue to show that youth who drink overwhelmingly get alcohol through social means, not by purchasing it.  Studies show that the same is true for marijuana

Among NE Seattle teenagers who drink:
  • 48% got alcohol from friends;
  • 21% got alcohol at a party;
  • 21% took alcohol from home without parental permission;
  • 14% got alcohol from an older sibling;
  • 11% bought alcohol from a store;
  • 11% got alcohol at home with parental permission;
  • 10% gave money to someone to buy alcohol for them;
  • 8% got alcohol at a family event;
  • 7% got alcohol some other way.

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