Monday, April 9, 2012

CDC: public polices to prevent binge drinking

Last week I blogged about a presentation made by experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about preventing excessive alcohol use including binge drinking among teenagers.  I mostly posted information related to the problem of binge drinking.  This post will cover a few points made about how public policies can prevent binge drinking.

The slide below provides recommendations about restricting alcohol advertising.  The alcohol industry is in violation of its own self-imposed regulations that state that advertisements will not target youth.  Instead of relying on the alcohol industry to regulate itself, public health experts recommend making advertising restrictions part of state and local law.

In addition to restricting advertising, the CDC recommend several other policies that would prevent binge drinking.  As you see in the slide below, the 4th recommendation on the list is to avoid privatization of alcohol sales.  Unfortunately, Washington voters chose to privatize alcohol sales last fall.  

Communities can play an important role in advocating for local policies that can prevent binge drinking.

Community members can start by discussing with colleagues, friends, family members and neighbors about how public policy is a form of youth drug abuse prevention.  Policies that reduce youth access to alcohol is prevention.  

The entire CDC presentation may be viewed below.

For more information about binge drinking, visit the CDC's Vital Signs website.

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