Friday, July 15, 2011

Police report that parties at parks continue

During the coalition's Advocacy Workgroup meeting earlier this week, a Seattle Police Officer reported that large underage drinking parties continue to occur at Magnuson Park. 

On the last day of school, Seattle Police broke up a large party at Magnuson Park.  Despite a warning posted at a nearby high school that police would be conducting alcohol emphasis patrols on the last day of school, more than 100 minors were at the party.  If stickers on cars can be relied on for identification purposes, most minors were students at the nearby high school.  The officer noted that many high school students also participate in underage drinking parties at Golden Gardens.  Alcohol has been a factor contributing to recent violent incidents at the park.

The Advocacy Workgroup continues to plan for meeting with local policy makers about the implementation of laws already on the books regarding youth alcohol and marijuana use.  Short-term plans include meeting with City and County council members who serve on health and safety-related committees. 

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