Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NE Seattle parent survey

Prevention WINS is conducting a survey of northeast Seattle parents about underage drinking and youth marijuana use in our community. If you are a parent of a child in grades K-12 in NE Seattle, please take few minutes to take the survey!

While all Seattle parents are welcome to take the survey, the coalition is targeting NE Seattle parents since the survey results will help us develop prevention strategies for NE Seattle families. Prevention WINS has funding to serve NE Seattle due to the high underage drinking rates in our community's high schools. Coalitions in other areas of the city are addressing youth substance abuse in West, South, and Central Seattle.
Some parents who have taken the survey have voiced concerns about questions asking about what they think other parents in our community do when it comes to preventing substance abuse among their children. One of the reasons this survey is being conducted is to assess social norms among parents in NE Seattle. The questions in the survey are asked specifically for that purpose.
Perceptions of others' behaviors about, for example, parenting practices and attitudes toward the risk of using marijuana, have a significant effect on and individuals own behavior. If the survey results indicate a discrepancy between parenting behaviors and perceptions of parenting behavioral norms in our community, the coalition may use that information to develop a social norms marketing campaign.

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