Thursday, December 3, 2009

Alcohol in the news

Recently posted on JoinTogether's website:

Male Athletes Drink More, Smoke Less

Adolescent males who play team sports are less likely to smoke cigarettes or be depressed but are more likely to drink alcohol and get into fights, whereas sports participation generally reduces risk behavior among girls . . . Male athletes had binge drinking rates 40 percent higher than non-athletes . . .

Alcohol the Real Date-Rape Drug

Women who have lost control or consciousness due to excessive drinking have fueled what British researchers have termed the "urban legend" of drinks being spiked with so-called "date-rape" drugs.

Parents' Expectations Can Influence Risky Teen Behavior

The more parents expect their teens to engage in risky behaviors such as drinking and using drugs, the more likely their teens are to follow through with those behaviors.

Alcohol Abuse Costs New Mexico $2.5 Billion Annually

"Alcohol abuse is a major factor in many motor vehicle fatalities, but that is not the only place where it can cause injuries and death . . . Alcohol abuse can play a role in fires, falls, drug overdoses, drowning, and can contribute to violence such as child abuse, homicide, suicide, and personal assault."

NFL Seeks Limits on Tailgating to Curb Drinking

The NFL has adopted a "Fan Code of Conduct" in hopes of deterring behavior that league officials worry is scaring families away from games.

Some fans say the league is being hypocritical by trying to limit drinking in the parking lot while selling beer, wine, and liquor inside the stadium and taking millions in sponsorship money from alcoholic-beverage companies.

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Unknown said...

Hi Inga, great post. There's so much here to comment on but, given our current economic stress and health discussion, I'd like to stretch the price tag for NM to the price tag for our nation. CASA produces a phenomenal report titled Shoveling Up that puts our national price tag at half a trillion a year! Sure wish we could come together and shift to get ahead of the curve on these complex and costly social issue, sigh.