Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Minimum legal drinking age studies

Here is the latest about keeping the minimum legal drinking age:

In a recent study, researchers examined the correlation between minimum legal age and rates of heavy drinking among college students in 22 countries. They concluded that a lower minimum drinking age is not a protective factor for decreasing heavy drinking among college students.

State Minimum Legal Drinking Age Laws and Impaired Driving Policies Save Lives, CADCA's September/October 2009 Research into Action paper.

A study finds more alcohol, drug abuse among those who could drink beer before 21.

Another study concludes that lowering the drinking age could affect the rate of unplanned pregnancies and pre-term births among young women.

So, if lowering the drinking age isn't the solution to teenage binge drinking, what is? Here are a two ideas:

Student Perceptions: Changing Perceptions Reduces Alcohol Misuse

Off-Campus Drinking Can be Curbed with Community's Help.

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