Friday, May 22, 2009

UK delegation learns about Washington prevention programs

Earlier this month, a delegation from the UK visited Seattle to learn about implementing tested and effective prevention programs . They spent the week visiting different programs and learning from local experts in the field.

One of the programs they learned about is the Olweus bullying prevention program implemented in Seattle Public Schools. They visited Washington Middle School and interviewed Celia Arriaga, the district's bullying prevention expert.

Members of the Prevention WINS coalition (NE Seattle) and the coordinator of the Quincy Communities That Care coalition provided the delegation with a first-hand look at how coalitions are implementing underage drinking prevention programs.

The delegation blogged about their experiences and for their last two days they blogged about lessons learned about the Communities That Care (CTC) operating system from the Social Development Research Group. CTC is very similar to the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) that coalitions such as Prevention WINS use to guide decisions. Their comments include:

First, it is possible to combine rigorous prevention science with community engagement and a passion for change.

“I’ve seen how science and community engagement can be linked. I didn’t think there was a model for this.”

“CTC makes me reflect on my community development days – building capacity to get communities to engage.”

“I’ve seen passion and rigour and integrity. It has been interesting to see a new take on community development. It’s re-invented what I saw 30 years ago.”

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