Friday, February 22, 2013

Online TV show explains link between prescription painkillers and heroin

The push to reduce the supply of painkillers  is creating a new problem. Opiate addicts need their fix, so when they can’t easily get their pills, they’re often turning to heroin. During our next CADCA TV show, “Highway to Heroin,” airing February 28, experts will discuss how communities are dealing with two serious drug problems at the same time and how your community can prepare for an influx of heroin.

The show will also explore how the Community Awareness and Prevention Association coalition is working to prevent opiate use. Heroin use is now an epidemic in and around the areas of Cleveland, Ohio. Its use increased after painkiller users switched to heroine when the pain medications became harder to find.

Key concepts:
- Learn about the link between prescription painkillers and heroin

- Find out how to prepare your community for an increase in heroin use

- Hear what prevention strategies work best to educate about opiates

The show, which is hosted by CADCA’s Mary Elizabeth Elliott, will feature Marc J. Fishman, M.D., Addiction Psychiatrist, Faculty, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Lisa Roberts, R.N., Portsmouth City Health Department, Portsmouth, Ohio; and Harold Rochon, Lieutenant, Detroit Police Department.

How to Watch:
All CADCA TV shows are free of charge and can be viewed via live webcast. Simply click on “View Webcast” on the webpage of the CADCA TV show you’re interested in watching.

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