Monday, July 18, 2011

Underage drinking research . . . and more research

Today, I went searching (online) for the journal link to an article I read about teen binge drinking and how it may impair the developing brain

However, when I visited the Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research website, I was side-tracked by the article entitled: Effects of Energy Drinks Mixed with Alcohol on Behavioral Control: Risks for College Students Consuming Trendy Cocktails

The article caught my eye mostly because I had just finished reading: Teenagers prefer drinks with caffeine.

To try to get back on track, I re-visited the article about the developing brain but was, again, side-tracked by a link to the Mediline Plus webpage that contains multiple links to underage drinking-related websites

One of those links is to: Media influence on adolescent alcohol use on the Archives of American Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine's website. 

Some say we are living in the Information Age.  Considering I am sharing all of this information through a blog, and that I gleaned it within 20 minutes, I tend to agree. 

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