Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PTA program educates parents about the legal ramifications of serving alcohol to teens

The Washington State PTA's Parent Pledge program is an awareness campaign designed to educate parents about the legal ramifications as well as the health and safety risks associated with serving alcohol to teens other than their own children.

PTA Parent Pledge resources that are available online are:
Parents Who Host Lose the Most is a similar campaign that is used throughout the country with a focus on social host laws.  Washington does not have a social host liability law.  However, the Washington State Supreme Court did rule that social hosts who serve alcohol to minors can be held liable for resulting harms to the minor who was served but are not liable for injuries the minor may inflict on third parties. 

Washington State does prohibit furnishing alcohol to minors.  However, parents/guardians may furnish alcohol to their own children.  

Want more information?  The Alcohol Policy Information System contains detailed information about alcohol policy, including policy related to minors. 

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