Friday, May 20, 2011

Local high school marijuana use rates

From the 2010 Healthy Youth Survey results . . .

While youth marijuana use rates have increased statewide, they have not increased in NE Seattle.  Following are marijuana use rates among high school students in our community.  The charts show local (Hale and Roosevelt) results compared to Washington State averages.

Nathan Hale High School
2008 10th grade: 29.3%
2010 10th grade: 21.4%

2008 12th grade: 37.5%
2010 12th grade: 33%

Roosevelt High School
2008 10th grade: 19.8%
2010 10th grade: 22.7%

2008 12th grade: 33.8%
2010 12th grade: 27.5%
Full local results are posted on the Prevention WINS website.  Below are high school marijuana use rates for the state and the school district.
Washington State
2008 10th grade: 19%
2010 10th grade: 20%
2008 12th grade: 23%
2010 12th grade: 26%
Seattle Public Schools
2008 10th grade: 24.8%
2010 10th grade: 21.7%
2008 12th grade: 35.1%
2010 12th grade: 30.3%

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Linda said...

this is impressive! our coalition is struggling with how to address the increase of marijuana use in our area. where did you start and what initatives have you started? please share you success story.
Linda Trent Drug Free Communities of Fond du lac , WI