Thursday, May 23, 2013

New video shows consequences of underage drinking and provides prevention tips for parents

In April, Prevention WINS and Seattle Children's Hospital Division of Adolescent Medicine hosted a movie night featuring a new video produced by Prevention WINS coalition members.  The video is now posted to the Prevention WINS website for all to see:

The primary purpose of the video is to raise awareness among NE Seattle parents about the problem of underage drinking and potential consequences, such as drinking and driving.  The video also provides parents with tips for how to prevent underage drinking. 

While parents can have the most influence on the choices their teenage children make, the most effective way to prevent underage drinking and youth substance use is for the whole community to be involved.  Schools, law enforcement, healthcare organizations, youth-serving organizations, religious organizations, businesses, and youth themselves are just some of the community members that have roles to play.  Learn more at the Prevention WINS website

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