Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Federal drug policy

The federal anti-drug budget trend toward funding supply reduction versus demand reduction (prevention and treatment) "runs counter to what research would otherwise suggest is necessary for an effective federal drug control policy", according to a policy brief by Carnevale Associates, LLC.

A second policy brief outlines their recommendations to the Obama Administration regarding effective national drug policy. It concludes:

"The next administration must rely on data and research when formulating the drug control strategy. Such an approach will likely lead to: reallocation of resources from supply reduction to demand reduction initiatives; identification of performance measures suitable for use with a research-based strategy; and re-establishment of surveillance systems essential to making the strategy responsive to emerging problems. Such fundamental change will produce better results while saving countless dollars and lives."

Hopefully, the new administration (including the soon to be former Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske) is listening and we will see an increased focus on prevention in our communities.

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