Monday, September 14, 2015

Talking about marijuana with your teens

Talking about marijuana with kids can be difficult - especially these days, with the drug legalized in some states and the increasingly casual presence of weed in the media and pop culture. But with the right tools and skills, parents can have easier, more productive conversations with their children about marijuana.

Partnership for Drug Free Kids launched a new YouTube video series for parents. The videos are designed to give you quick and simple tips and skills that will help you answer all kinds of tough questions and respond to push-back from teens.

These videos will cover topics like:

How to respond to challenges from your teen like, “But you smoked when you were younger”; and more.

These conversations can be challenging, and they are here to help. For more tips on how to talk about marijuana, download the free parent guide.

Information courtesy of UW Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute.

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