Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Communities need to support parents with a "no drug use" message for teens

Yesterday, KING 5 broadcast a story about how parents can talk to their children about not using marijuana.


Parents need the support of other adults in the community so that teenagers get consistent messages that support healthy youth development.  In the KING 5 story, Dr. Leslie Walker says, "Just like parents should be doing with alcohol.  This is not a safe for you at this stage in your life.  It can possibly cause permanent damage to you as an adolescent with a developing brain.  I do not want you to use marijuana at this time."  People and institutions in our community need to express this message, too.

Prevention research evolved a great deal since the "just say no" days and we now know that we must provide teenagers with the tools they need to be able to follow through on family rules against drug use.  Adults can coach children:

  • Role play situations where they are offered drugs, including marijuana, by a peer.
  • Help them to find the right words to express their intention not to use.
  • Help them suggest an alternative to drug use.  (This is why it is important for communities to have alternative activities readily available.)
  • Tell them that is fine to walk away from someone, including a friend, who is offering drugs and, if needed, to call for a ride home.  

More about preventing underage marijuana use is available here.

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