Wednesday, June 26, 2013

King County expresses concern about marijuana business density

The King County Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee met yesterday and an update about the implementation of I-502 was on their agenda.  Here are a few items discussed:

  • King County is in the process of establishing a “one-stop” webpage for all marijuana-related information.
  • Concerns were expressed re: zoning in unincorporated King County.  Joe McDermott is concerned about marijuana business density in White Center and others are concerned about marijuana business density in rural areas.  It is expected that King County will propose zoning legislation to address these concerns on or around August 15.  They are waiting to see what the LCB rules end up saying about land use and zoning.  They will include a map of how different areas of the county will likely be affected.
  • The Sheriff said that his officers are enforcing the no public consumption law but Seattle Police are not. 

Discussion about I-502 starts around 1:24:00. 

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