Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some local convenience stores make it easy for youth to steal beer

During the Prevention WINS general meeting earlier this week, members of Nathan Hale's Raiders Against Destructive Decisions (RADD) provided coalition members with a summary of what they found when they visited local convenience stores that sell alcohol. 

They shared photos of one store that show single-serving beer cans and bottles next to soda, juices, and other products that teenagers frequently buy.  Single-serving beer containers are displayed along bottom shelves, making it easy for people to shoplift.  RADD also noted that the clerk did not pay attention to them while they were in the store.

RADD is now ready to take their presentation on the road and show it to local community groups.  RADD is available evenings starting at the end of April to give this 15-20 minute presentation.  To learn more or to arrange for a presentation, contact the RADD adult advisor

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