Tuesday, November 13, 2012

King County Take Back Your Meds Coalition launches Facebook page

In May, the King County Board of Health formed a Subcommittee on Secure Medicine Return to explore how it can support safe disposal of unused and expired medicines.  In response, a King County Take Back Your Meds Coalition was formed to advocate for a secure medicine return program in the county.  Prevention WINS and other youth substance abuse prevention coalitions are members of the King County Take Back Your Meds Coalition (KC-TBYM).

Since its formation, KC-TBYM coalition members have testified at subcommittee meetings, met with subcommittee members, and started educating community members about the issue.

Recently, the KC-TBYM coalition launched a Facebook page as a way to share information.  Check out the Facebook page and "like" it if you wish to remain up-to-date on KC-TBYM coalition activities.

If you are interested in joining the KC-TBYM Coalition, please contact the Prevention WINS Coordinator.

To learn more about secure medicine return programs and legislation, visit the Washington State Take Back Your Meds website.

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