Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Coalition supports a statewide medicine return program

Feb. 8 UPDATE: SSB 5243 has been moved out of committee to the Senate floor and is awaiting a vote.  As expected, pharmaceutical companies are lobbying hard against the bill.   

Prevention Works in Seattle supports the development of a statewide medicine return program funded by pharmaceutical companies because:

• Prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse among adolescents is on the rise in Washington State and around the nation.

• Medicine return programs are one tool communities can use to reduce teenage prescription drug abuse.

As the recipient of federal money, the coalition, as a group, cannot lobby for specific legislation.  However . . .
Everyone can forward information to others.

As individuals, coalition members can contact legislators and tell them that you support SSB 5234 and HB 1370.  The Washington State Senate Rules Committee needs to hear from people immediately if the legislation is to make it to a full Senate vote.

If people wish to contact legislators as a part of their jobs but are not allowed to lobby, the statement at the top of this post may be used. 

More information and resources are available on the Take Back Your Meds campaign website.

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