Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wine & beer at farmers markets

From the Washington State Liquor Control Board --

The agency on July 27 selected the 10 farmers markets that are invited to participate in a pilot program that allows wine and beer tastings at farmers markets.

As directed in Substitute House Bill 1172, which created the pilot, the markets were selected in a manner to ensure geographic representation.

The pilot runs from Sept. 1, 2011 to Nov. 1, 2012.

The following list (of Seattle markets that will host tastings) is tentative, pending verification that the markets are able to meet the pilot requirements. A confirmed list will be posted on the WSLCB website.

-- West Seattle Farmers Market, 4400 S.W. Alaska St. in Seattle

-- Magnolia Farmers Market, 2550 34th Ave. W. in Seattle

-- Pike Place Market; Street Farmers Market, Pike Place, between Pine and Steward Streets, in Seattle

The Washington Association for Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention opposed the legislation that allows for beer and wine tastings at farmers markets:  Consuming beer and wine while running errands (such as grocery shopping) sets a bad example for children as parents and other adults model the causal use of alcohol.  If the legislature does not draw the line at this form of three-dimensional advertising, the negative effects are likely to compound over time . . .  we wonder what venues will be next. 

There are many ways the alcohol industry can promote its products.  The open use of alcohol in public markets does not need to be one of them.   

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